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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday - the middle of the road!!

Middle of the week.......have been pretty busy!  Tuesday I found out I have to have yet another surgery on July 25th on my right arm, not fun.   I broke my right humerus bone (and believe me it ain't funny!!) last July, first they plated it, that failed, then in September they put a rod in it.  Well now the bone is not bridging, called Non-Union fracture.  So, all most one year to the date that I broke it, they are going to remove the "nail" (that is what it is really called!) put bone marrow with a binding agent around the break and then plate it again!.  Well, as you all know I am a quilter, well everything has to be either hand cut by myself or I have to talk one of my girls into cutting it for me.  I do not have the strength to use a simple rotary cutter.  So I hope and pray that this time it works!  So between now and the 25th I have a lot of quilting to do for my online bees!  But I should be as good as new in a couple of weeks and back to ripping it up in the sewing room, lol!

Ok, how did it happen, well let me tell you.  Amigo is about 16 hands high and I am 5'1" so in order for me to get up in the saddle I have to climb on a bail of hay first.  So I have to do it in the barn.  So I was in the saddle when Amigo was spooked by some gun fire that echo throw the barn.  I held on for about a minute and as Amigo was starting to calm down I was thrown.  Luckily Amigo was not hurt!

Now, for happier things I almost have Staci Mosaic block completed, looks pretty good.  Not sure if I would ever want to do another one, but I was excited to give it a go! 

I am going to leave you all tonight with..........

Amigo and Whiskers!

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  1. I like the pic of Amigo and Whiskers! When is Pop going to get Belle her pony? lol.