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Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming, "WOO HOO what a ride!!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday - the middle of the road!!

Middle of the week.......have been pretty busy!  Tuesday I found out I have to have yet another surgery on July 25th on my right arm, not fun.   I broke my right humerus bone (and believe me it ain't funny!!) last July, first they plated it, that failed, then in September they put a rod in it.  Well now the bone is not bridging, called Non-Union fracture.  So, all most one year to the date that I broke it, they are going to remove the "nail" (that is what it is really called!) put bone marrow with a binding agent around the break and then plate it again!.  Well, as you all know I am a quilter, well everything has to be either hand cut by myself or I have to talk one of my girls into cutting it for me.  I do not have the strength to use a simple rotary cutter.  So I hope and pray that this time it works!  So between now and the 25th I have a lot of quilting to do for my online bees!  But I should be as good as new in a couple of weeks and back to ripping it up in the sewing room, lol!

Ok, how did it happen, well let me tell you.  Amigo is about 16 hands high and I am 5'1" so in order for me to get up in the saddle I have to climb on a bail of hay first.  So I have to do it in the barn.  So I was in the saddle when Amigo was spooked by some gun fire that echo throw the barn.  I held on for about a minute and as Amigo was starting to calm down I was thrown.  Luckily Amigo was not hurt!

Now, for happier things I almost have Staci Mosaic block completed, looks pretty good.  Not sure if I would ever want to do another one, but I was excited to give it a go! 

I am going to leave you all tonight with..........

Amigo and Whiskers!

Monday, June 27, 2011


I have a very, very busy weekend!  My grandson Bryce, seen here feeding the chickens stale bread spent the whole weekend with myself and PawPaw.  This time he decided he was going to sleep with us!  Oh boy, can you picture this......PawPaw, Daisy (110# yellow lab), Porkchop (what we call Bryce) and me in a king size bed!  Yeah, doesn't work as well as you would think!  Porkchop weighs maybe 40 pounds and I think he took up the most room.  God love him, he is such a sweetie!

Daisy is laying down and Duke her brother

Duke and Daisy are brother and sister, they will be 2 on the 29th of this month.  I love just like they where my kids, but I guess we all love our pets like that.  And they listen about as well as my kids did too!

Friday, I spent 6 hours in my sewing room, no not cleaning it, making 6 more outfits for the dolls.  My daughter Shayne said she would start picking up the piles of fabric and put them on the shelf if I made her and her neighbors two girls an outfit.......so my middle daughter Sami and my granddaughter Belle got theirs too.  Now I have to finish, Angie (daughter in law) Hailey (granddaughter) and my youngest Madi and I will be finished with summer outfits! 

This is Izzy and Shaynes doll Vayda........I guess the next set of outfits with be for Halloween.  Yes I must get started, well, soon.

I received the fabric for Orange You Glad Bee and the colors are so yummy!  I will post pictures of the block when it is complete and get it in the mail to Staci.  I am spreading my wings a little on the one.  I am a pretty traditional block and colors kinda quilter and Staci has requested a Mosaic block.  Look very challening but I am excited to try.  I will let you all know how it goes!  Looks easy, but you know what they say about that........

Nice, bright and pretty, don't you think.  This is going to be one cheery quilt.  Good choice Staci!

I am going leave you today with a picture of some wild daisy from my yard, enjoy!

Until time........

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello, well this week has been better than last week.  Infact I spent all day Tuesday in my sewing room.  No not organizing it, which is something it really, really needs, but sewing.  Yes, I said sewing.  I finished Kathy's block (Long Distance Quilting Bee) and I completed, right down to the hand sewing 3 outfits for my (err, I guess ours, because I am sure one of my daughters or daughter in law or even my granddaughters will try to make claim on one!!) American Doll.  Which by the way, her name is Isabelle, Izzy to all of her friends.

This is Izzy in one of her new Prairie dresses that I made her, she is  showing off  one of my Civil War blocks.  You might think I am to old to play with dolls, I say a girl is never to old, can never have to many, and they can never have to many outfits!

This is her Sunday going to church dress.  If you think I am alittle crazy, you are not alone!  My husband just shakes his head every time I show him a new outfit.  You see Izzy sits in my living room and I change her clothes often.  Sometimes in the evening before I get ready to go to bed I have been known to put her jammies on!  Can't help myself I am just a little girl at heart.  At 54, my dad still gets me a doll every year for chirstmas!  That is my favorite gift, I get so excited to see what he picks from year to year. 

And finally her new summer outfit.  Like I said I am sure this one will be snagged by one of the kids, buts that ok.....I will just make another. 

I mailed Kathy's block off today, so as soon as she lets me know that she has received it I will post a picture of it.  I think I did good. :)

Tomorrow my oldest daugther, her husband and my 3 grandsons are coming to visit.  Maybe I can get her to help me clean my sewing room.  If I dont get it done soon, something or someone may just get lost in there!!! lol  I go up there with all the intentions in the world to clean and organize it, but I see all my projects that need to be finish and I can't help myself I sit down and start sewing.  I guess if she agrees to help me I will give her a fly swatter and tell her every time I even look like I am going to sew she can swat me!!

Ok, I will leave you tonight with a picture of Tuesday's morning sky.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, Fathers Day

Belle 3-11
The above photo was taken in March of this year.  It is a quilt I hand pieced and quilted for my granddaughter Belle.  This is proof I have completed at least one quilt, lol!!  No, really I just wanted to show case her baby quilt.

It has been a couple days since I have blog, but last week was pretty much a blurr for me and to be honest I just didn't have it in me to blog.  But I am back and I hopefully stronger and more motivated than last week!!  I did something pretty dumb Friday, when I returned from the store, unloaded my SUV and forgot to close my sun roof!!!! That's right it was opened and it rain, alot!  It rained a little Friday and it rain awhole lot Saturday night.  I looked out the bathroom window this morning and could not believe my eyes.  I ran outside with a towel and started mopping up all the water in the cup holders, and the seats, the dashboard.  I let it dry out for awhile and then I started it up to make sure everything work, and yes it did, even the DVD player in the back seat!  Thank you Lord!  :)

Ok, my quilting, I finished a couple more blocks for my Civil War quilt as you will see below.  I still have to finish my block for "Long Distance Quilting Bee"  I don't want to spoil the surprise so I wont post a picture of it, but I think its pretty cool I am just hoping Kathy likes it. 

This is week #24 Ladies Aid Album and I think it turned out pretty darn  good.  I have a bad habit that when I use red, and white I always want to throw in some blue..........it was hard but I stayed true to my plans and layout and put blinders on!!!

This block is week #6 Richmond, I thought it was pretty dark but members of my group seem to like it so I will leave it just like it is.

Well, I am going to share alittle more about me, I have chickens, New Hampshire Reds, one rooster named Trip and 16 hens, they all look alike so they don't have any names.  I average about a dozen eggs a day.  Chickens are pretty funny birds to watch, trust me on this I have sat and watch them.  One Friday, myself, my husband and my youngest daughter pulled up a cooler of beer (for me and hubby) and sat there for a couple of hours just watching!  I know, I know you all are jealous of my free time. :)

I will end today by sharing another picture of Belle, taken yesterday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, it seems every other day is going to a good time to post and update! 
I finished the quilt block I picture on Sunday, plus I have started another.  I really, really enjoy quilting, its my stress reliever.  I find if I have to concentrate on my stitching nothing else around me matters, well that is until one of my grandkids come to visit :) !  They are first in my life, I can quilt anytime.
Looks pretty good don't you think?  I really like the color play in this block.  I now move on to week # 6 Richmond.  Since I started the guild late in the game I am playing catch up, kinda working from the present and at the beginning, hope that makes some sense.

Maybe with these two block you will notice I am trying to use similar color fabrics, eventually I intend to put them all together for a quilt so I want it all to blend in.  I will add some of the other blocks I have done so that you all can see them.  But not all at once I don't want to run to many of you off to fast, lol!!

In the evening when my husband and I are laying in bed watching TV together I am working on a postage stamp quilt for him, the squares are cut 1-1/2" and assembled on point for a block that measured 12 inch finished block.  I have 16 blocks completed, and only have 9 more to make.  I will then add a 2 inch border around each block and I will hand quilt it!  I am hoping to finish this by Christmas for him! (crossing my fingers and toes!!)
As for as the rest of my day my grandson and I did some errands (while his mom did some house cleaning for me) I had to do.  When we got home he watch Aladdin in the guest bedroom while my daughter and I visited!  All in all I had a very nice day.  (I wish every day was so uneventful) :)
My grandson Bryce......can you tell he loves his MawMaw!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Its Sunday afternoon........somehow I have missed Saturday, it was such a blurr. I purchased Blogging for Dummies, and what I don't understand is after paging through it, I feel dumber!! Oh, well I will get this, if it kills me! I am determined to be a "blogger", it may take me years but someday I will get there!
This is one BIG book!!!!
I really would like to share all of this with my friends and family, and I want to put my blog address on my Internet Quilt Bee text, but I am afraid.......I am not even sure I am doing this right!  I mean if you look at my blog, somehow I have become my own follower, lol!

I am hoping that as I continue to blog, I will continue to learn and I will become much braver and share, some day!!

In the future I will be sharing my quilts, my doll clothes, my grandkids, and just my everyday things.  That is what is a day in the world around me!  Like today, I went to church, the grocery store (which I hate), my parents came for a visit, and I started to read "the book!".  After I finish here I will be working on one of my quilt blocks for my Civil War 2011 online quilt group.
Week 22 Blockade
As you can see I am getting pretty good at posting pictures!  Which is a good thing because photography is one of my hobbies also.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I am so tired today, had a very busy day yesterday......had 3 of my 6 grandbabies here with me!  We played in the pool, watched TV and napped! 

My husband is a Mason and was inducted as Worshipful Master of his lodge last night.  My 3 daughters, along 2 son-in-laws, a daughter-in-law, my youngest daughters boyfriend, nephew, myself and all 6 of our grandkids where there to watch as "PawPaw" took his place in the East.  It was a long night, but all the kids where well behaved!  Unfortunately my son, who is a Mason also was unable to attend.  He is in the Missouri National Guard and is in Fort Leonard Wood for 3 weeks.  We took tons of pictures so we will be sharing them with him when he returns.

Tonight we will be celebrating with my "BFF" and her husbands their 29th wedding anniversary!  I will be glad to have some "adult" time.  Since we live in a very small and rural town in Missouri and it only has one saloon close to home that is where we will be toasting!  I hope we get there before the crowd........if there is more than a dozen people inside, that is a full house. 

My BBF's daughter had her little girl the same day as my oldest daughter had her youngest son (April of this year) so we have betrothed them to each other.......is that still done in today's world, lol!  At six weeks they make such a cute couple!  We have decided that the Royal Wedding will have nothing on what their wedding, of course we will be saving for that event for the next 20 years, AT LEAST!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Wow, I am really new to all this blogging stuff, but have been so fascinated by it that I just had to give it a try!

There is just so much to share that just visiting and reading other blogs just makes you want to become one, a blogger that is.  I am hoping to enrich my life along with sharing my daily ups and downs.

I am a mother, a grandmother, a quilter among other things.  But mostly I am a child of God.  That doesn't mean I am a Bible pusher, it just means I believe in God and trust that he will forever walk beside me.  I believe in miracles, and believe everything happens for a reason and that is why I am here today.