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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello, well this week has been better than last week.  Infact I spent all day Tuesday in my sewing room.  No not organizing it, which is something it really, really needs, but sewing.  Yes, I said sewing.  I finished Kathy's block (Long Distance Quilting Bee) and I completed, right down to the hand sewing 3 outfits for my (err, I guess ours, because I am sure one of my daughters or daughter in law or even my granddaughters will try to make claim on one!!) American Doll.  Which by the way, her name is Isabelle, Izzy to all of her friends.

This is Izzy in one of her new Prairie dresses that I made her, she is  showing off  one of my Civil War blocks.  You might think I am to old to play with dolls, I say a girl is never to old, can never have to many, and they can never have to many outfits!

This is her Sunday going to church dress.  If you think I am alittle crazy, you are not alone!  My husband just shakes his head every time I show him a new outfit.  You see Izzy sits in my living room and I change her clothes often.  Sometimes in the evening before I get ready to go to bed I have been known to put her jammies on!  Can't help myself I am just a little girl at heart.  At 54, my dad still gets me a doll every year for chirstmas!  That is my favorite gift, I get so excited to see what he picks from year to year. 

And finally her new summer outfit.  Like I said I am sure this one will be snagged by one of the kids, buts that ok.....I will just make another. 

I mailed Kathy's block off today, so as soon as she lets me know that she has received it I will post a picture of it.  I think I did good. :)

Tomorrow my oldest daugther, her husband and my 3 grandsons are coming to visit.  Maybe I can get her to help me clean my sewing room.  If I dont get it done soon, something or someone may just get lost in there!!! lol  I go up there with all the intentions in the world to clean and organize it, but I see all my projects that need to be finish and I can't help myself I sit down and start sewing.  I guess if she agrees to help me I will give her a fly swatter and tell her every time I even look like I am going to sew she can swat me!!

Ok, I will leave you tonight with a picture of Tuesday's morning sky.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. i want the summer outfit i call it!!!!! love u momma

    Shayne Joan

  2. Whew...I am not the only 50ish who still loves dolls! Only, it never occurred to me to take it to the next step as you have done with yours. I love the idea of the prairie outfits & doll quilts. I am sensing a new request for my birthday this year. My family will think I am nuts...but since I have three sons and never got to make doll clothes for a daughter, why not make some for myself?

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com