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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, it seems every other day is going to a good time to post and update! 
I finished the quilt block I picture on Sunday, plus I have started another.  I really, really enjoy quilting, its my stress reliever.  I find if I have to concentrate on my stitching nothing else around me matters, well that is until one of my grandkids come to visit :) !  They are first in my life, I can quilt anytime.
Looks pretty good don't you think?  I really like the color play in this block.  I now move on to week # 6 Richmond.  Since I started the guild late in the game I am playing catch up, kinda working from the present and at the beginning, hope that makes some sense.

Maybe with these two block you will notice I am trying to use similar color fabrics, eventually I intend to put them all together for a quilt so I want it all to blend in.  I will add some of the other blocks I have done so that you all can see them.  But not all at once I don't want to run to many of you off to fast, lol!!

In the evening when my husband and I are laying in bed watching TV together I am working on a postage stamp quilt for him, the squares are cut 1-1/2" and assembled on point for a block that measured 12 inch finished block.  I have 16 blocks completed, and only have 9 more to make.  I will then add a 2 inch border around each block and I will hand quilt it!  I am hoping to finish this by Christmas for him! (crossing my fingers and toes!!)
As for as the rest of my day my grandson and I did some errands (while his mom did some house cleaning for me) I had to do.  When we got home he watch Aladdin in the guest bedroom while my daughter and I visited!  All in all I had a very nice day.  (I wish every day was so uneventful) :)
My grandson Bryce......can you tell he loves his MawMaw!!!!


  1. I want a quilt, Aunt Sissy!

  2. First I need to know which neice or nephew made this request?

  3. The civil war quilt is going to be great once it is done! I love the colors!