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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, Fathers Day

Belle 3-11
The above photo was taken in March of this year.  It is a quilt I hand pieced and quilted for my granddaughter Belle.  This is proof I have completed at least one quilt, lol!!  No, really I just wanted to show case her baby quilt.

It has been a couple days since I have blog, but last week was pretty much a blurr for me and to be honest I just didn't have it in me to blog.  But I am back and I hopefully stronger and more motivated than last week!!  I did something pretty dumb Friday, when I returned from the store, unloaded my SUV and forgot to close my sun roof!!!! That's right it was opened and it rain, alot!  It rained a little Friday and it rain awhole lot Saturday night.  I looked out the bathroom window this morning and could not believe my eyes.  I ran outside with a towel and started mopping up all the water in the cup holders, and the seats, the dashboard.  I let it dry out for awhile and then I started it up to make sure everything work, and yes it did, even the DVD player in the back seat!  Thank you Lord!  :)

Ok, my quilting, I finished a couple more blocks for my Civil War quilt as you will see below.  I still have to finish my block for "Long Distance Quilting Bee"  I don't want to spoil the surprise so I wont post a picture of it, but I think its pretty cool I am just hoping Kathy likes it. 

This is week #24 Ladies Aid Album and I think it turned out pretty darn  good.  I have a bad habit that when I use red, and white I always want to throw in some blue..........it was hard but I stayed true to my plans and layout and put blinders on!!!

This block is week #6 Richmond, I thought it was pretty dark but members of my group seem to like it so I will leave it just like it is.

Well, I am going to share alittle more about me, I have chickens, New Hampshire Reds, one rooster named Trip and 16 hens, they all look alike so they don't have any names.  I average about a dozen eggs a day.  Chickens are pretty funny birds to watch, trust me on this I have sat and watch them.  One Friday, myself, my husband and my youngest daughter pulled up a cooler of beer (for me and hubby) and sat there for a couple of hours just watching!  I know, I know you all are jealous of my free time. :)

I will end today by sharing another picture of Belle, taken yesterday.

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