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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rain or Shine

What a busy day yesterday.......and it is really all about the grandbabies!

My husband and I decided to get the kids a jungle gym type of swing set for the back yard.  Unassembled.......undelivered.......why you ask? (Like are you losing you every lovin mind!!!)  Well, because we have plenty of "studs" around here and they can build it, and  where I am located the cost of assembly and delivery is so high it would make you eyeballs pop right out of you head!!!
besides with the money I saved by having the boys build it I can spend on more goodies for the babies.

the "studs" Jonathan, Roger, Jay and Joey
Okay, let the fun begin.   The instructions say allow 10 hours for assembly?  So that mean if you have 4 guys you can divide that by half right.............NO!  It came in 3 boxes......3 BIG boxes.  At least the "hardware" where individually bagged and marked.  Ok, me I say let me go inside and get ziploc bags and after you open the bags put them inside of the zippy, zip and mark it!  (Thank goodness I can NOT live without my zippies!!!)  We started this project about noon on Sunday.  Weather forecast in Missouri overcast with a good, no make that a VERY good chance of rain.  No problem........so let the work begin.....we need part A50, GD, TB, and TC....what?

So now you see how the day is going......it didn't stop the kids from enjoy the swing set
Belle, climbs right in one of the boxes and "plays".  Kids have all the fun!

Bryce decided he going to help to make things go faster.  Uncle Jay trying to explain this is what we need next.......(I enlarged this so you could see the look on Bryce's face....now that's priceless!)  Believe it or not he stuck it out for about 30 minutes and decided feeding the chickens was alot more fun!  (and less stressful!)

Needless to say......they will all be back next weekend to finish (I hope!)


  1. My friends did this and decided Dad and Grandpa could get it up... four months later they finally finished! It was awsome to watch them scratch their heads! Dare I say the gal folks probably would have done it quicker! I mean look at the quilts we throw together! LOL

  2. Hahaa! Those studs are really something! I confess I probably would have abandoned them to feed the chickens too ;)