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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well, what a weekend........and lots of memories have been forged!!!

It started on Friday when my oldest daughter Shayne came to spend the weekend. (she does that every now and then, and who can blame her.......she has 3 BOYS!!!)
Bryce, Jaycob and Hayden
Sitting around planning on what we had to get done on Saturday, laughing and giggle like little kids made me think about how lucky I was.  I was a single parent for part of my kids lives and if I say so myself all 4 of them turned out to be wonderful adults.  Now don't get me wrong dare I say they where angels, but I just can't picture my life without any of them.
This is my son Jay, I would say he was about 3 in this picture........today he is 31.  Yes he is a momma's boy (but don't tell him I said that), he is my pride and joy and so darn proud of him.  Went into the Army right out of high school, 82nd Airborne, now he is in the National Guard and works for the Highway Patrol.  Handsome, oh yes, darn handsome.

This is my oldest daughter Shayne 28, about 4 in this picture, now she was a handful.......hard to believe with a smile like that!  So beautiful and so full of mischief.  Now I always told her one day she would have a kid just like her......and so far my prediction has come true......and Hayden isn't old enough to give any trouble but Jake has made up for that!  She is a wonderful daughter and has helped me in so many ways, a great mom and wife (right Richard?).  At times I think she was so trying because my mom cursed the same thing on me, lol!
This is my middle daughter Sami 24, about 2 in this picture.  Now she was an angel........she was the easiest kid, and never gave me any problems.  Shayne would try to get her to do something just to get yell at, but Sami would have none of it.  Again, like my oldest beautiful then and beautiful now.  She is married to Joey with one daughter Belle.
My youngest Madi 21, it was nearly impossible to keep clothes on her.  So bad it came to a point we would have to use electrical tape to keep her diaper on.  She was about 18 months old in this picture.  Miss Independence.....she needed no help from anyone, at all.  I remember on time her 3rd grade teacher called me at work and asked if I know she had two different shoes on when she came to school.  I told her you are lucky she has any on at all!  She was stubborn  then and still is.  Speaks her mind, if you like it or not.  She has grown more beautiful with each passing day.  She is engaged to Tim and planning on getting married next year.

Times weren't always easy for us, but I would not trade one second for anything in the whole world.  My kid have made me the proudest mom on this earth.  I love all of you for the people you have become, and the gifts you have given me so far. 
Belle, Sami and Joey's daughter
with that said I leave you with............


  1. You were and still are the best mom! I love u with all my heart forever and ever.

  2. I don't know how I missed you having a blog! =) Love your memories...and the naked kid on the horse...I'm sure they'll appreciate you posting that on the WWW. =)

    I'm following you now, yippee!

    1. Anita.......that is my youngest......believe it or not she has picture framed and on her wall at home.......she thinks it's the funniest picture of her!!! Glad you are a follower......you know I also follow yours.