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Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh my God........game 6, between the beer and Xanax, I have no finger nails!  No only kidding, did drink a beer or 2, the game was AWESOME!
Game 7 here we come......watch out Rangers!  So with that said.....beer iced.....check, hot dogs for dinner......check and at 6:30 the comfy pj's on, TV set at channel 2 and DON'T CALL, OR TEXT.........I am busy!!!!!
Yesterday I worked in the sewing room for the first time in 3 weeks and boy did it feel good.  Got my November block done for Long Distance Quilting Bee for Evelyn, yes I know its not even November.  I made a promise to myself that I would not fall behind again!
I personally love this......I sure hope Evelyn does!

Since the following blocks are for me, made from instruction provided on BOM I got a late start, and I am following an idea from another member, I am making 2 blocks of each.  I think, haven't quite decided yet but I am leaning towards "quilt as you go".

I really love these prints, it looks a little busy but since it for my quilt I like it!  If I quilt as I go, I am going to use a different backing for each block, no two alike.  I will also hand quilt with different color threads to give each block its own personality.

Ok, with that said......................
GO CARDS!!!!!!


  1. So glad that you are back it. I know how happy it makes you. BIRDS!!

  2. Ok I was thinking about trying the quilt as you go... I am a NEW quilter! Do you put something in the sashing strips that go in between?? I have not been able to figure this part out and was thinking about trying it!

  3. I have you listed as a No reply comment on my blog...Quilt Monster in my Closet, but I too am a St Louis Cards fan...much to my husbands Dislike.. hehehe. So I thought I would make sure you recieved my comment from my blog..about Southwest Inspiration. :)

    Thank you for the kind comments. I am excited to have this quilt finished soon. :) Thanks for following my blogs as well...I look forward to sharing! :) Have a great day.

    -Christine L