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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The beginning of another week in the world around me!!

Ok, let me get you caught up with the happens in my world since the last blog......

Surgery went well, 3 1/2 hours and a 2 day stay in the hospital.  Got home on Wednesday and sat on the couch pretty much for a week......I am not going to anything to hinder the healing of my arm this time!!

I got home from the hospital on Wednesday and my house was so clean.......almost didn't recognize it.  Thank you Shayne.......my oldest daughter she's a keeper!
Shayne, Sami, Hayden and Belle
This is 2 of my girls and Shayne's youngest Hayden and Sami's first Belle.  I have to admit, I loved being a mom but there is no better feeling in the world than being a grandma.  Being blessed with wonderful kids that have givin me wonderful grandbabies, MawMaw loves each and everyone of you......Garrett, Hailey, Bryce, Jake, Belle and Hayden.  Lucky me!

So, my grandson Bryce came home from his dad's and the whole family came and visited on Friday.  I was able to enjoy all the boys, but couldn't hold Hayden.......not just yet!
Jake and Bryce in chicken coop
So they brought steal bread to feed the chickens, looks like Jake was more interested in chasing them instead of feeding them.  He is such a pistol!!

Jake and Richard

So, my son in law Richard who did not get in the chicken yard helped by holding the bread!  That's ok, the boys had a good time.

Saturday, Sami went to the store with me.  She did all the lifting, I did the buying....lol.  Sounds about right!  Anyway we went to the book store and got Belle some books and I bought Sam her first cookbook!  After a year and half of marriage and a baby she wants to cook, god love her!  Then we went to Best Buy and I took advantage of the "tax free" weekend here in Missouri and got myself an iPad 2!

So much techno stuff, makes me feel like my world should be plugged in all the time, lol!  My grandmother's head would be spinning by now, she had a hard time with the VCR!

Grandma and Aunt Vivian

This is a picture of my grandma and Aunt Vivian!  My grandma live to be 92!  She passed away about 18 years ago I guess.  I know the VCR had just come out and we got her one for Christmas, not sure she ever used it.  Now I know how she felt, "with all this fancy stuff!!"
Kids these days, lol!

We took some pictures of Belle that I will leave you with.  Keep your fingers cross, that with any luck I will return to sewing and quilting this week.  I am starting to have withdraws.

Belle is like her MawMaw, a morning person.  She wakes up with the biggest smile!
She is all ready for shopping!

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